About Me

Roland graduated from the University of North Texas with Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Music Composition and a minor in piano.  One of the most sought-after pianists in the DFW area, Roland has worked as a musician for over thirty years.  As a freelance performer, he works both in live events and in the studio.  As a player, writer and arranger, he has contributed to countless recordings of jingles, library tracks and songs, in many different styles.  You’re likely to have heard his music on television and radio jingles for American Airlines, Cadillac, Doritos, Neiman-Marcus, Coors, and many others. He played with John Wasson's Strata jazz band from 2008-2016, and show experience includes work with such artists as Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat.


“I’m blessed to be in a position to contribute in an important way to so many special events.  Music provides the atmosphere that makes or breaks a party or function, and I take personal responsibility for assessing the setting, the people, and the mood, then selecting and playing just the right music for that time and place.”  Roland’s knowledge of musical styles and eras is remarkable and includes swing-era classics, songs from musicals, the diverse sounds of jazz, and pop hits from the 60’s up to recent releases.


Whether he’s playing for the nation’s top politicians, corporate leaders, a wedding, retirement party, special anniversary, poolside party, or an awards ceremony, Roland has the flexibility and experience to add immeasurably to the success of the occasion.  His expertise and professional approach make him a joy to work with.  His musical contributions will make your event meaningful and memorable.